Drupal 8 Architecture Overview

What is Drupal? Drupal is the most powerful CMS and open source in the market. It is built on top of PHP. Competitors are Joomla and Wordpress on open source. When it comes to paid resources on the content management systems, a couple of other high traffic CMS available in the market like Sitefinity, Sitecore, and Sharepoint. There are few other advantages over drupal like vast community, open-source, serving a long period in the market and provided different solutions for respective domains. On community support get benefits out on the following areas on the development. Documentation Translations Testing Development including theming and contribution modules Drupal community assembles the different experts in a common forum on How Drupal 8 different from Drupal 7? Drupal 7 Drupal 8 It is built on top of core PHP It is built on top of Symfony Framework Templates are built on PHP template files Templates are built on