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Azure Cloud service problem "The current service model is out of sync"

Azure has providing lot of could compute technique, one of the most reliable is Azure Cron program called Azure cloud services. Develop, package and deploy powerful applications and services to the cloud with Azure Cloud Services. There are features advantages on azure cloud services        Support for Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET and Ruby       Automatic operating system and application patching       Auto scale to meet demand and save money In Azure cloud service, we usually facing the problem called “The current service model is out of sync”. This issue will occur on few scenarios.     Either ServiceDefinition(.csdef) file content is not match with ServiceConfiguration(.cscfg) files Solution: We should check the service definition file and configuration files, to make sure the xml tags are matches on both files. If some tags are missing on any one of the, we should added them into another file. Your project was not closed properly.

Posting packets from Azure Storage to Service Bus using C#

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud computing environment. Using the below script we are posting raw packets from storage to Service Bus.

CURL error code 7 in php

Curl is one of most powerful functionality in PHP. It will allow us to communicate with external URL. To use the curl functionality in your code. We must enable PHP curl module in PHP installation. In this post, i could like to explain about curl error code "7". There are some of the criteria to get this error. Due to wrong URL. URL might have some port on postfix. For Example: Solution : To solve this issue, we must remove the port on URL.Your URL must be like

How to use SCP command in windows

SCP command is one of the most powerful command in linux to transfer files in secure way. It can be use for windows. Here the link to download link for windows. After you download the file into you local machine. Please go to command prompt and go to location of pscp.exe. From there you need to execute the following commands to download and upload a file. Please use below command to download file to local from server location. Please use below command to upload file from local to server location.