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Saturday, December 6, 2014

CURL error code 7 in php

Curl is one of most powerful functionality in PHP. It will allow us to communicate with external URL. To use the curl functionality in your code. We must enable PHP curl module in PHP installation.

In this post, i could like to explain about curl error code "7". There are some of the criteria to get this error.
  1. Due to wrong URL.
  2. URL might have some port on postfix.
    For Example:
    Solution : To solve this issue, we must remove the port on URL.Your URL must be like

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Libmemcached cinttypes problem on complie using gc++ complier for memcached library

The compilation failed on a configure without any options:
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-behavior.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-crc32.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-digest.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-encrypt.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-fnv_32.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-fnv_64.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-function.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-has.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-hashkit.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-jenkins.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-ketama.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-md5.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-murmur.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-one_at_a_time.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-rijndael.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-str_algorithm.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-strerror.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-string.lo
  CXX libhashkit/libhashkit_libhashkit_la-nohsieh.lo
  CXXLD libhashkit/
  CXX libmemcached/csl/libmemcached_libmemcached_la-context.lo
In file included from ./libmemcached/common.h:72,
                 from ./libmemcached/csl/common.h:40,
                 from libmemcached/csl/
./libmemcached-1.0/memcached.h:46:27: error: tr1/cinttypes: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [libmemcached/csl/libmemcached_libmemcached_la-context.lo] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/libmemcached/libmemcached-1.0.8'
make: *** [all] Error 2
This issue occurs because of complier version problem. So we should the gc++ complier. Use below command to install gc++ improved version.

If you login with root previliage, you can use below command.

yum install gcc44 gcc44-c++ libstdc++44-devel

If your not root user, please user below command

sudo yum install gcc44 gcc44-c++ libstdc++44-devel

Once you have installed, compile the libmemcached using below command.

CC=gcc44 CXX=g++44 ./configure

Now your should be able to compile without issue.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Skype can't connect error ubuntu

This article is more useful for skype users. Skype is generic chatting software. Sometimes you may be frustrated about skype error like "skype can't connect". This solution is only for Ubuntu users. Using this shell script, you can remove the old instance from your system, deleting the shared.xml which is tmp xml of every instance of skype and restarting the skype.

So, now we have build the shell script and saved. Next we have to execute the shell script. Please follow following steps to execute shell script in ubuntu.

Step 1 : Open teminal.
Step 2 : Go to your shell script saved path.
Step 3 : Put dot(.) with space give the shell scrip filename and press enter.