Key Javascript Concepts for Modern JS

Javascript is one of the most powerful languages in the web technology stack. We have got too many languages for modern web development. But if you see any of the modern web technology, that will have either impact on Javascript or it might be built on top of Javascript.

Recall on Javascript

Javascript was created by Breaden Enrich, while he was working with Netscape Communications Corporation. He named the language LiveScript. Later Netscape named the LiveScript to Javascript. Javascript 1.1 was submitted to European Computer Manufacturer Association(ECMA). The technical committee of the ECMA has regulated the syntax and semantics for global usage. ECMA has a larger developer community from popular companies like Microsoft, Sun, Netscape, Borland, and other organizations. 

This evolution keeps on moving into the growth for Javascript and its dependency frameworks/libraries. On another side, javascript-based frameworks are stretched their legs in different corners of web development. Which gives us extraordinary web development sight on today's modern web pages. Below are a few examples of modern web development frameworks. 

The below content represents the key concepts of modern javascript and their different aspects. These elements are the most important to understand and learn more on deep to adopt any of the modern frameworks. Every modern framework has built on top of these key elements.

Let and Const Variables

Declaration of the variable in the classic javascript will be done by the "var" keyword. From the EC6 version of javascript, we go the 2 different keywords to declare the variable in javascript, which is called "let" and "const". It doesn't mean "var" will not work moving forward on EC6 scripts. We can still use the "var". But, we would highly recommend using the new keywords to declare the variable. Let's dive into the use case of "let" and "const". Where the variable value will have change throughout the execution of the program, we will use "let". "const" will use only for constant variable, which will have only one value throughout the program execution.

Import and Export

Another important feature next-generation javascript offers, Export, and Import functionality. which will enable the developer to write code as modules in a structured style.

Arrow functions

It is a function on javascript. But it has a slightly different syntax for Arrow functions. Arrow functions are simpler than normal functions on declaration and definition. It also has the ability to pass by value to the function to achieve certain functionality.

Classes functions

The next important concept called classes. It is a major role play in modern javascript. As usual, classes can have properties and methods. The classes have the extended advantage of using concepts like object constructors and inheritance. Let's look at the example of those,


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